Spacium VR

3D Shooter for Virtual Reality

Spacium VR was created as an entry to the Epic MegaJam, November 14-21, 2019

This exciting game takes you to the surface of an asteroid where you have to collect fuel cells and drop them off at the collection point, while flying, to get BACK DOWN TO EARTH!!! If that wasn't enough, you have to deal with spacecraft that are chasing you down!

Each round gets harder with more fuel cells to drop off and more enemies to shoot. See how far you can go!

NOTE: This game will test your comfort limit in VR - so get ready... player one !

All in glorious 3D - MADE FOR VR !

Spacium VR is extremely fun but still under development. Any feedback would be appreciated - Feedback Form

spacium vr by industrial punk
spacium vr - free 3d shoot'em'up game
spacium vr shoot'em'up for virtual reality

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Requires Windows 64bit and Oculus Rift/Rift S Virtual Reality Headset