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Wednesday 10th January, 2018

Race League - Sim Racing Leaderboard

At Industrial Punk we LOVE sim racing!!

Our love has moved us to create an online leaderboard for sim-racers to record their best lap times into a publicly open system so anyone can see.

It's completely FREE and all we ask for is your email address so that we can send you a confirmation and link to your time so that you can share with your friends. No sign up or account is necessary.

Record your times and show your friends!

At Industrial Punk, we have big plans for the leaderboard system. A Race League app coming soon and our target to build up a publicly accessible information system to support sim racers globally. The leaderboard system will grow over time, adding new features and opportunities for sim racers to come together and enjoy their sport.

We look forward to seeing your best times!!

Check out Race Leaugue now!

Industrial Punk

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