DeWalt Upgrade

Thursday 12th January, 2017

DeWalt DWP611 Upgrade

The Dremel died so I upgraded the spindle!

I was using the Stepcraft CNC one day, nicely cutting out some wood, when suddenly a very uncomfortable sound came from the Dremel 4000!

It died!! RIP little Drem!

The next move was to check out YouTube to see recommendations for home CNC machine spindles. After a little watching the DeWalt stood out as it was in my price range and yellow! I hot-footed it to amazon and ordered one.

But, of course there is a problem now. The DeWalt does not fit onto the standard spindle holder that comes with the Stepcraft. This left three options: 1. Buy a new base from Stepcraft; 2. Make a new base from wood using the router; 3. 3D print a new base.

Luckily I have a 3D printer so, for me, that was the obvious choice, plus, if I had ordered from Stepcraft then it would have cost another 100 euros and a three week waiting time for postage!

After a little thinking, measuring, design and printing time, the Stepcraft was back in action again.

The DeWalt has a 1.25HP motor compared to the Dremel 250W motor, so this was a major upgrade in cutting ability and I couldn't be happier.

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