Yin Yang Camera Cover

Saturday 12th November, 2016

New Product Release

iMac Camera Cover @ Shapeways

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce another iMac Camera Cover design has been uploaded to the Industrial Punk Shapeways Shop!

iMac Camera Cover - Yin Yang

At Industrial Punk we love sacred geometry and are making a series of geometric designs for the Industrial Punk's Shapeways shop.

The first in the series is the ancient and well-known Yin Yang symbol of harmony and balance.

Please feel free to order one of these to bling up your iMac as-well-as the practical use of covering up your "always looking at you" iSight Camera! Prices start from $10 (plus shipping) for strong plastic versions, all the way up to a $6000 version made from pure Platinum!!

Each time a new design is released I will publish the information to the IP blog page!
Thanks to everyone who is using an IP iMac camera cover!

Industrial Punk

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