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Sunday 6th November, 2016

Scoovo 3D Printer now working on iMac

I finally figured it out!

At last I found all the information and software I needed to get my Scoovo 3D printer working on my iMac using MacOS Sierra

So, after using the Scoovo for over 2 years on Windows, its a pleasure to have it running on the Mac.

After a little searching around the internet for free 3D printer host software I came across a real nice gem. Its called Repetier, and best of all, its FREE! I cannot thank the guys at Repetier enough for producing a most excellent software solution to 3D printing on the Apple Mac. Check out their site here.:

And thanks to a Japanese blog post where I found all the settings for using a Scoovo with Repetier. Click on the link below to see the settings blog page:

The reason for getting my Scoovo 3D printer working on my iMac was all to do with efficiency. The awesome design software I use, Fusion 360, I have on the Mac. So using Windows was very inefficient for me - designing the 3D data, converting to an STL format, transferring to the Windows machine with a USB memory stick and then printing. But now, a few of those steps have been removed and the whole process becomes easier!

This allows me to make 3D printing videos much quicker! Check out the IndustrialPunk channel on YouTube!

If you have any 3D printing or prototyping projects, give us a call, I'm sure we can help!

Industrial Punk

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