Roots Reggae 2016

Saturday 23rd July, 2016

Roots Reggae Music Festival 2016

Making Keyrings for Industrial Punk Art Space

First, I'd just like to say a big Thank You to all the wonderful people I met at the party weekend in Mikkabi.

A couple of days before the Roots Reggae Music Festival I managed to book a booth space. I'd heard a little about the event and it sounded like a good place to sell some products and hopefully pay for the weekend. First of all I needed some products!

The brain went to work on coming up with something to sell. Fortunately, a couple of days before, I had upgraded my Stepcraft CNC machine with a parallel port and UCCNC software with the D100 parallel interface. So, it seemed like a good idea to come up with a product I could make on the CNC.

With a little bit of thought, I had come up with a keyring with Rasta motifs, engraved and cut on the Stepcraft. This would also give me some experience using the machine for a small production run.

You can see how the production went in the video below. There is also a little slideshow of photos from the event.

Saturday morning arrives and I pack the car with some paintings, a tarp to keep the sun or rain off, an O'Sheet for me to relax on, a couple of small picnic tables, the keyrings I had made to sell and some consumables. Oh, and sunglasses!

Mrs Potter and I make our way to Mikkabi, in Hamamatsu, to the location of the event. We climb Mount Takayama in our cute little Suzuki Every and make it to the Mikkabi Village camp site where we are greeted instantly with peace and welcoming energy.

Setup went smoothly and the Industrial Punk Art Space was open for business!

So, to finish up this post; an awesome weekend with the nicest people, positive vibrations and one love.

Oh yeah, I didn't quite get the money back for the costs of the event but my soul expanded, and thats worth more than money!

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