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~ How To Guide ~

Welcome to the Industrial Punk "How To" guide on making your own custom liveries for Project Cars 2. There are just a few things you need to get your custom designs onto your favourite cars. Here is what you will need:

Step 1.

After you have chosen which car you wish to make custom livery for, download the appropriate Original Paint Template File from the Slightly Mad Studios forum page - PSD files here. You will need to register an account with the forum to download files.

You will download compressed files so here you will need to unzip them with a free unzipping tool. There are many available for free online but WinRar for Windows or Unarchiver for the Mac will do it.

After installing the unzipping tool, just double click the livery Rar file and you should be able to find the Photoshop file.

Open the downloaded file in Photoshop and you will see something like Fig.1.

Fig.1 - Original Paint Template File open in Photoshop.

Step 2.

In the layers palette, switch on the top wireframe layer. You will see all the parts of the car laid out flat like a piece of IKEA furniture! The car shown in Fig.2 is the Lamborghini Huracan GT3.

Note: To understand which parts of the car are which, it may help to open the car in Photo Mode in the Project Cars 2 game and compare the shapes.

Fig.2 - Switching on the "wireframe" layer in Photoshop.

Step 3.

After you have designed some graphics for the car, place them where you want them to be using the wireframe shapes as position guides. You can add layers to the photoshop file if you need to. Usually the roof, bonnet and spoilers are very easy to work out. Other parts may be a little trickier.

Note: If there is a part in the wireframe that you do not recognise then you can colour it with a bright colour and proceed to Step 4 to add the file to the game folder and see where the colour appears on the car in-game.

In Fig.3 I have added a black background layer and placed some Industrial Punk company graphics on the panels and spoiler.

Fig.3 - Custom IP graphics placed on the car.

Step 4.

After you have finished placing your graphics you will now need to export the file in DDS format. Don't forget to hide the wireframe layer as this will show up on your car in-game.

Go to File -> Save As in the Photoshop menu and select DDS as the file format. You will need the NVIDIA DDS file exporter installed to do this. Download here from NVIDIA

Fig.4 - Turn off wireframe layer and export file as NVIDIA DDS.

After you have selected the DDS file format you will see a window with DDS options. From here, select DXT5 from the Format drop-down menu and click SAVE.

Note: You may also want to save the Photoshop file too, in case you want to make some changes later. Select SAVE AS... from the File menu and save the file to a convenient location in the Photoshop file format. This will keep all your layers editable.

Fig.5 - Export DDS file in the DXT5 file format.

Step 5.

You should now have a file called [car name] in the location you chose to save. Do not change the default file name as it will not work unless the file name matches the one currently in the game folder.

Navigate the system to your game install location and find the CustomLiveries folder. The default location is:

Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ Common \ Project Cars 2 \ Vehicles \ Textures \ CustomLiveries

Drop your custom DDS file in the location above and ovewrite the original file. Don't worry, the original is just a blank white file!

Step 6.

Restart Project Cars 2 and now from the Car Selection screen, select Custom Livery. The car will use your design in-game.

Unfortunately there is no thumbnail of your custom livery but you can check it out by going into Photo Mode or see it when you start a race.

Enjoy your new customised racing!!

Thanks for reading this Industrial Punk "How To" guide on custom livery designs in Project Cars 2.

If you need any help, send us your questions using our contact form. We also provide a full design service for your team, league or personal custom liveries for only $50 per car! Enquiries welcome.

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