Custom Car Livery Design
Project Cars 2

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Unique custom wraps for Project Cars 2

At Industrial Punk, we love sim-racing!

We provide a full custom service to spruce up your racing presence. Make your cars look the way you want them to!

Any in-game car designed with custom livery for only $50 per car!

Contact us via our Contact Form for more details!

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - Industrial Punk Racing Livery

project cars 2 custom livery design
project cars 2 custom livery design

If you would like to make your own Custom Livery for Project Cars 2, then check out our "how to" guide.

Custom Liveries - How To Guide

Graphic Design

Modern Design Thinking

The Industrial Punk design team has worked on many major contracts for large and small sized companies producing pamphlets, brochures, logos and many other types of graphic design work. Our experience and know-how guarantees modern and elegant design ideas to fit in with campaigns both online and offline.

Our designers work with our MAKE department to produce artwork for product prototype and production and online giving you a seamless, one-stop shop for the Industrial Punk concept to prototype business. We welcome customers at any stage of the process between concept and final low production runs.

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Web Design

Functional and Interactive Experiences

At Industrial Punk we strive to give you industry leading website designs with functionality and interactivity to keep your customer base excited and talking about your products and services. Through our research team and internal brainstorming sessions we deliver amazing content on time and within budget.

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Website Development

Music & Sound Effects

Online and Offline Atmosphere

At Industrial Punk, we love music! We have a team of musicians ready to create the atmosphere you are looking for. We create sounds for presentation videos, exhibition videos and soundtracks, YouTube and online videos to create the feeling you wish to transmit to your customers.

We can help you to get that professional finish for your online videos with great music and sound effects.

We accept MUSICOIN

Get your songs onto MUSICOIN!

At Industrial Punk, we are offering professional music production services; mixing, mastering etc. with fees payable in standard currency, or in the Musicoin crypto currency - at highly reduced rates.

Service Standard Fee US$ Musicoin Fee Savings
Single Track Mixing & Mastering $100 2000 $MUSIC 70%
Album Mixing & Mastering $500 10000 $MUSIC 70%

* $music price as of Dec 2017

Mixing and Production

Songs and Background Music

Sounds and Effects

Drone Footage Music Production